Its Finally Here: Our Latest Free eBook on Oil Painting Techniques

Its Finally Here: Our Latest Free eBook on Oil Painting Techniques

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George Carlson and Boy with Eagle
by David A. Leffel, 1991, oil, 42 x 34.

I’ve always prided myself on learning good technique when faced with any new skill, and doing this has definitely made a difference. You observe space and objects differently and evaluate what is in front of you with an artistic sensibility. Then you can accelerate in your abilities and learn more complex techniques more easily.

But learning these time-honored oil-painting lessons is not a matter of reading through some dusty tome or secret scroll. Instead, it is a matter of doing and painting. To that end, we share the concepts we believes are behind every beautiful fine-art oil painting in our newest free eBook, Oil Painting Techniques.

The best oil-painting instruction lies in responding to the abstract qualities of a fine-art oil-painting composition—light, shadow, values, edges, color, texture, and space. But it also involves simple nuts-and-bolts methods on how to start an oil painting, how to simplify forms, and how to create a strong composition.

I’ll admit that I love learning new things, because every occasion is a chance to test myself and I find that kind of challenge spurs me on. When I started to learn oil painting techniques like those discussed in Oil Painting Techniques, it was enlightening, because there are practical solutions to oil painting that artists and beginners alike will respond to, but tons of inspiration that date back to the Old Masters. Enjoy your free copy of Oil Painting Techniques by downloading now!

And if you know of someone who would enjoy Oil Painting Techniques From Artist Daily: How to Prep Your Oil Art Canvas and Create a Focal Point as much as I do, feel free to send this link to them so they can have their own copy.

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