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Watercolor Rose Demo from Adisorn Pornsirikarn

Watercolor Rose Demo from Adisorn Pornsirikarn

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Pink Petal Extravaganza

Bangkok-based Thai artist Adisorn Pornsirikarn is known for his incredible watercolor flowers. He works on both large and more modest scales to capture his blooms and blossoms. In this watercolor rose demo, he shares a bouquet of pinks. You could say he harvests a riotous garden — from first blush to princess pink — with the stroke of a brush.

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Watercolor Rose Demo

Step 1

Working wet-on-dry, I establish an atmospheric coloring overview. I concentrate on the dynamic balance of the shapes, the spacing, the darker tones in the center areas and the highlights in the lighter areas.

Step 2

I load my brush with quinacridone scarlet. I work wet-into-wet to accentuate the floral shapes and soften the petals’ edges and angles.

Step 3

I add detail to the smaller petals by applying strokes using a smaller brush loaded with more quinacridone scarlet. I then glaze the petals with quinacridone magenta (rose violet).

Step 4

I use translucent orange, quinacridone scarlet and quinacridone magenta to create the background. I paint the leaves using sepia green, permanent green, sap green, shadow green and cerulean blue.

Step 5

I fill in the buds and group the branches and leaves together. This helps to eliminate some of the petals’ hard edges.

Step 6

I use a spray mister to keep the paper moist and eliminate a fussy background by observing the negative areas. When the paper is dry, I glaze the roses using a wet-on-dry technique and emphasize the light on the roses in the center of the painting.

The Reveal:

This watercolor rose demonstration first appeared in Watercolor Artist. Subscribe today.

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