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If You Are Ready to Sell Art Online Read This

If You Are Ready to Sell Art Online Read This

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You Don’t Have to Be a Business Mogul to Make a Living from Your Art

I love the fact we live in a day and age when artists have so much control over their careers. Making a living through creativity and artistic output is not only possible, but it is also very likely if you do a few things right.

Even more, I’m especially thrilled to see how we can sell art online. Putting artists in the driver’s seat!

Know Your Price Point — Or Points

If you want to sell art online, industry standards tell us that $5,000 is a cap for the high end of what collectors and buyers are willing to pay to buy a work online. That’s not to say you should mark all your works for sale at this price.

I recommend offering several different price points. That way, you begin to groom young patrons who may not have a lot of money — but really like your art. More affordable price points or purchase plans are a great way to do that and, with the latter, you can set up online options that make this relatively secure and easy.

Imagery Is Key

Granted, looking at art online is not the same as viewing it in person. But the fact is, thousands more eyeballs can view your work on the web; and that means you have to put presentation first.

Get good photos of the work you plan to offer as well as a variety of shots. A shot in situ, a photo that is tight to the image, and several close-ups if possible — so patrons can get a real sense of the surface and any possible texture that exists on the surface.

Often Is Key

If you decide to offer art for sale online, try to give your audience — whether through email or through your social platforms — a schedule they can get familiar with. If you offer a landscape painting every Monday, patrons will start to anticipate seeing a landscape — and that builds excitement and interest for you.

Your Personality Matters

If you sell your art online, your work will stand for itself. But as the unique artist, you are a big part of the equation and not to be underestimated!

Show your personality and slices of your life. It allows your patrons to get to know you and get excited about you — and your art.

Artists often think collectors just want to make the transition and go. But collectors often really respect the artists they follow and are curious about them. If you are comfortable sharing of yourself, I guarantee your audience is going to really respond.

And Don’t Forget the Paperwork

I know. We all hate it. That’s why I left it for last. But when you sell art online, you definitely want to consider insurance during shipping and a contract that protects you.

Wherever you sell art online — whether through your own ecommerce store or an online art selling hub, like Etsy — make sure you are protected and you consult a legal professional and or CPA beforehand.

Make Your Next Move to Sell Art Online!

If you want to sell art online, you definitely can! But do you feel like you need to know more to confidently take the next step? Good! That means you are on the right track.

For an extra dose of motivation to get started, check out the Complete Guide To Selling Your Art Online Digital Download, which includes must-have information on marking your art across the web, brought to you by Artists Magazine. Onward, artists!

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