The Best Gift I Ever Received

The Best Gift I Ever Received

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Of Course It Was an Art Gift

A collection of drawings, specifically. My good friend from grad school, Amanda, made me a handmade miniature book filled with calligraphy and fun sketches of our time together in school.

The cover is light blue and the pages are accordion-style, one folding over the next. The book is made from basic materials — paper, cardboard, pen, and ink — but it is one of my prized possessions because it is a one-of-a-kind artwork made especially for me by someone I care about. The thoughtfulness of the gesture still bowls me over.

Why It Matters

That is the inherent power of art, and in this case drawing specifically. It gives you the ability to share your creativity with someone else in a medium that is decidedly intimate and special. Giving a drawing as a gift is one of the most interesting and positive ways to convey our passion for art with those close to us.

Art Gift Ideas

Your children or grandchildren may not know what art project you are working on right now, but they are sure to love a picture book that features pencil drawings of them as the main character.

Your best friend from college may not be nearby, but a postcard-sized charcoal sketch of a shared memory will certainly bring you closer.

Your spouse or partner or life companion may be your biggest fan and supporter. Show them your appreciation with the gift of your creativity.

Regardless of who you give the drawing to, or how you decide to present it — framed, in a book, or even as a personalized holiday card — the unique and handmade quality of it will always get a positive reaction.

Of Your Artful Life

Sharing an art gift means you are sharing of yourself and comes with an inherently personal aspect. That makes for a powerful gift and it is also one of the easiest ways we can make time for art during the busy holiday season. It also allows others to share in the excitement and joy of the creative process.

For the budding artist, enthusiast, or painting pro in your life, there is nothing more rewarding than setting free your creative side so encourage that this holiday season and for seasons to come. Make art a part of the fabric of how you celebrate and show love for those closest to you!

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