Online Gallery: The Colored Pencil Spectrum

Online Gallery: The Colored Pencil Spectrum

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The winter 2015 issue of Drawing introduces us to the work of four colored pencil artists who use colored pencil to create tightly rendered drawings of very different varieties.

Cecile Baird–whose drawing of compact fluorescent light bulbs graces the issue’s cover–creates dramatically lit still lifes. Anna Hammer draws the figure–usually the same figure, her daughter. Erwin P. Lewandowski draws streams, pools, lakes, waterfalls and other scenery inspired by his native Michigan. Art Venti imagines hallucinatory, semi-abstract landscapes built from abstracted geographic forms.

In the article, all four artists discuss what attracts them to their subjects and explain their process for creating realistic drawings in colored pencil. They also offer advice on such topics as how to draw water and how to light your subject. Here, we offer a gallery of terrific images by these artists that didn’t make it into the pages of the magazine. To learn more, visit the artists’ websites, and get your copy of the winter issue of Drawing. Enjoy!

Cecile Baird (www.cecilebairdart.com):

Anna Hammer (www.worksbyannahammer.com):

Erwin P. Lewandowski (www.erwinplewandowski.com):

Art Venti (www.artmichaelventi.com):

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