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Attitude Is Everything

Attitude Is Everything

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We’ve all had those moments when the details and concerns of keeping all the plates spinning distracts us from the one thing, the most important thing, that those of us who are creative people must do–create. Too many days away and the focus wanders and the hand forgets the brush.

Miniature Narcissus Bouquet by Ann Trusty,
oil painting, 11 x 14.

Many years ago we discovered a simple formula for ranking priorities in order of importance: Must-Do, Should-Do, Want-to-Do. It is amazing how often those get out of order in our lives. While Want-to-Dos are always competing for the top spot, we do not consider painting or drawing to be a Want-to-Do, no matter how pleasant that activity can be at times. It is a Must-Do, and always will be. Just establishing that priority in one’s life can open doors to new inspiration and determination.

Making your art a top priority, just like breathing, sleeping and caring for your family, means that you take your work seriously and will put effort into it every day. At its heart, this idea is simply an attitude change, and attitudes are powerful factors in how our lives play out. Tell the world that you are an artist and work hard to prove it, and the world will work to support that vision of you. It is giving yourself permission to believe in your dream and then acting on that belief.

Lilac Bouquet by Ann Trusty,
oil painting, 11 x 14.

You may be amazed at how quickly all those around you begin to respond to your professional attitude toward your work. Let them help in whatever way they can. Enlist your friends and family to pose for paintings or help with exhibition tasks. Everyone wants to be part of a success, and that success starts with a decision that only you can make. Read books about other artists lives. Dream about your ideal life and then hold that vision firmly in your mind each day as you work. Establish regular hours each day for work. Push yourself to improve your craft and indulge your ideas in your art. Network with other artists, dealers, galleries. Limit distractions from outside. Honor your imagination. Be generous with yourself and others.

Art is about giving something to the world, and if we do not give freely, we cannot receive. Soon enough, almost like magic, you will have a larger, richer life than you had envisioned. At that moment, as you look around you, the realization may suddenly dawn that you are surrounded by the physical manifestation of a thought – your decision to take a serious attitude toward your work and yourself.

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–John and Ann

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