Drawing Magazine Cover Countdown: #7

Drawing Magazine Cover Countdown: #7

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This fall, Drawing magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and to get the festivities started, the Drawing Magazine Blog is looking back at our 10 favorite covers. To see the full list so far, check out the entire Drawing Magazine Blog.

Our #7 cover may still be fresh in your memory, as it’s from our Spring 2013 issue. It’s particularly unique because it’s one of only two issues in Drawing’s history that focus on the actual process of drawing. Take a look:

Full disclosure, this cover showcases an artist featured in an article that I worked on, so it holds a special place in my heart. (That artist is Scott Waddell, an instructor at the Grand Central Academy of Art, in New York City.) But, to be honest, I probably would have picked this cover anyway. It’s a great portrait, and I love seeing the artist working on the drawing. It really shines a spotlight on technique, which is such an important part of Drawing’s mission.

To check out the whole article on Scott Waddel, buy the issue here. And to get the next great Drawing cover delivered directly to you, subscribe here.

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